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4 Things We Love About Autumn

Posted on 22nd October 2019

Most people wait for the arrival of Autumn, and for good reasons. The weather feels pleasant with warm days and cool nights. However, with the days getting shorter and the nights chillier there are endless things you can do to keep weather blues at bay.

Autumn is not only a great time to get your favourite flowers from your neighbourhood flower shop in the North East  -it’s also a great season to indulge in some exciting activities. Here we look at four popular activities people love indulging in during Autumn.

Go Stomping in the Autumn Leaves 

During the Autumn, the weather is just ideal (without being too cold or frosty) for you to take an extended and leisurely walk. Step out early in the morning or evening to feel the nip in the air. As you take a stroll in the neighbourhood park, you will simply relish the crunching of the auburn leaves and twigs underneath your feet.

You can plan a trip to Surrey, Wiltshire, Lincolnshire, Dorset, Cheshire, Kent, Pembrokeshire, and many other spots to make the most of Autumn.

Pick Fresh Apples from Orchards

No matter where you live in Great Britain, you are never too far away from an orchard. You can plan a short road trip with your close friends and head to a nearby orchard for picking fresh luscious apples. Just imagine the fun you will have baking an apple pie or preparing cider and crumbles with your near and dear ones.

Savour a Piping Hot Bowl of Soup for Supper

There are very few things in this world that compare with the feeling of savouring a piping bowl of homemade soup.

Bask in the Warmth of a Fire

Nothing beats basking in the warmth of a campfire. Autumn is the opportune season for organising a barbeque and social activities around a campfire.

Explore Our Range of New Floral Arrangements This Autumn

Our floral designers have been creating exquisite bouquets, garlands, bunches, and posies for a myriad of events and occasions for nearly four decades. Katherine’s Florists has slowly and gradually built and entrenched its reputation as one of the most reliable flowers shop in North East.

Recently, we have launched a series of fresh floral arrangements keeping the autumn season in mind.

Simply visit the website and check out the eye-catching autumnal bunches our florists have designed and created with painstaking care. Pick and choose from:

Of course, you can take your pick from endless other bouquet designs. Our autumnal floral bunches are delivered to your door free of charge.

As one of the most celebrated florists in Northeast, we presently deliver bouquets, floral walls, garlands and wreathes for weddings, anniversaries, corporate, and all other special occasions.

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