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Choosing your Wedding Flowers

Posted on 25th January 2022

When it comes to your wedding day, every little detail is important. However, nothing comes close to flowers when it comes to visual appeal. In addition to creating a romantic ambience, florals set the tone for the festivity and cheer that is a wedding.

There’s no doubt then you will want to put in your all in choosing the right flowers for your big day. In this post, our Newcastle florists share their top tips for choosing wedding flowers.


Roses communicate joy, beauty and love. No wonder then that they are an extremely popular option for wedding décor. Known for their sweet fragrance and gentle shape, roses are available in a range of colours including white, yellow, pink and red, making them a perfect choice for an elegant wedding décor and bouquet.


Daisies are the perfect option if you are planning a summer wedding. These sunny florals are ideal for bohemian-themed arrangements and beach weddings. Pair them with fresh greenery for a beautiful floral setup. Daisies make for an excellent choice for hair accessories too!


These beauties stand out with their bold black centres against the surrounding delicate, creamy petals. Although white anemones are extremely popular, you could also opt for other shades like red, magenta and even blue.


Another very popular option for wedding flowers, peonies look very similar to roses. Signifying romance and abundance, peonies are thought to bring a happy marriage and good fortune.

Lily of the Valley

These bell-shaped blossoms stand for happiness and are a classic choice for wedding flowers. Chosen by royal brides, Lily of the Valley is a classic option that’s ideal for your big day!


Hydrangeas are another ideal option for weddings. Their large heads add a vintage touch to floral arrangements and bouquets. Communicating “understanding”, these flowers are an excellent choice for this huge milestone in your life.

Sweet Pea

These flowers are known for their textured look. Available in a range of fantastic colours like white, peach and coral, Sweet Pea flowers are an excellent choice for a winter wedding.


Standing for trust and innocence, freesias are another excellent option for brides. Available all through the year, this extremely versatile bloom can be found in a riot of colours to suit every theme and colour scheme.


Poppies typically bloom at the start of winter and are a great way to add a dash of colour to your bridal arrangement. Poppies are available in a wide range of colours including orange, red, pink and peach and are sure to perk up your bridal bouquet.

Order Wedding Flowers in Newcastle

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