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Flowers for Christmas Events

Posted on 17th December 2021

There is no denying the fact that Christmas is the best time of the year. Families and friends get together for parties, gatherings, carols and celebrations. There is so much fun to look forward to. From grand meals to shopping sprees, everything about the holidays is special.

And flowers for Christmas events can add to that special touch. As the leading florists in Newcastle for over 50 years, we can tell you about our choicest flowers that can turn your celebrations into something spectacular.


Think Christmas and Poinsettias are the flowers of choice. This beautiful plant with its foliage of red and green represents the Christmas colours perfectly. It is one of the most popular house plants and it is easy to see why.

Poinsettia plants need bright sunlight and moist soil. The flowers and bracts can last for more than a couple of months if you care for the plant well. Poinsettias make for attractive table décor. You can also choose poinsettias for decorating your walls, doors and the outdoors. They make for ideal Christmas gifts as well.


Your search for the best Christmas flowers in Newcastle ends with Amaryllis. With its bright red blooms, Amaryllis is an excellent choice. Large and trumpet-shaped, these flowers are eye-catching and add elegance to your floral arrangements.

Amaryllises retain their freshness for as long as 7 weeks at times. This means you can get these flowers for your home for the entire festive season and not worry about the flowers wilting or losing their shape. Get the flowers before Christmas and keep them going until after New Year.


Roses always work. And at Christmas, red roses are just the staple décor you will find everywhere.

Add a good amount of green foliage, give that extra touch with some green berries and some gold and silver foliage and you have the perfect ambience for receiving guests and family.

Choose from a wide range of colours for roses if you want something other than red for your Christmas flowers in Newcastle this year.

Mistletoe, Ivy and Holly

What’s Christmas without these must-haves? Place them anywhere and everywhere and you have a beautiful setting for that Christmas lunch and dinner. Perhaps you have a weekday get-together for your friends or colleagues? Bring home these perfect floral decorations and as our florists in Newcastle will affirm, you can never go wrong with Mistletoe, Ivy and Holly.

Katherine’s Florists

We have been the personal florists in Newcastle for a long list of clients and we are only too happy to add you to the list. We can give you the perfect choice of flowers as well as same-day delivery.

Need help with your floral decorations or want ideas for special bouquets and gifts? Contact Katherine’s Florists today for the best ideas and suggestions. For over 50 years, we have been Newcastle’s favourite florists and take pride in providing a whole range of different flowers and gifts for many an occasion.

We can customise your floral decorations to match your Christmas theme. Choose your Christmas flowers in Newcastle only from Katherine’s Florists.

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