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Flowers for Mother’s Day – Which Are the Best?

Posted on 20th February 2020

Flowers in Newcastle & Gosforth are in high demand and are about to really be all the rage. That’s right, Mother’s Day is coming up! What flowers should you choose for your beloved mum? Here are some of the most popular choices.


Carnations are a traditional choice for Mother’s Day. These sophisticated flowers come in an amazing array of colours. It’s up to you to know her favourite type!

These long-stemmed flowers are dramatic all by themselves. For extra luxury, you can go bold with about 20 stems.  From deep red to puffy pink or pale white, there are a huge selection of colours to help you make a statement.

Carnations also combine well in bouquets. For Mother’s Day, try a bouquet that looks especially elegant. Carnations pair with almost every type of greenery, baby’s breath, and lily. Our flower shop in Newcastle & Gosforth offers a beautiful array of options for a carnation bouquet.


Alstroemeria is a popular flower for other holidays as well. For Mother’s Day, you want to go light with the colour. Choose a huge bouquet of this single flower, or combine it with contrasting flowers like daisies and ranunculus. Anenome is also a nice counterpart.


Roses of all colours make a grand statement on Mother’s Day. You can use red here, just like you would on Valentine’s Day. The flowers are so classic that they are a great choice no matter what.

You can always pair roses with baby’s breath. But for an unconventional bouquet in any colour, try pairing with asters and ranunculus.


Lilies tend to come in other colours besides white or pink for Mother’s Day, although you will find a few of those too. Look for splashes of peach or cinnamon, and think about pairing this flower in a unique arrangement to show your mum how special she is.

Lilies pair well with almost anything. The idea for Mother’s Day bouquets is to show off the personality of the lily. Try large green stalks like ambrosia or amaranth. These also pair well with snapdragons, bouvardia, stocks, or lily of the valley.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerberas are another classic bouquet anchor. They are also great all by themselves. You will see lots of white gerberas as well as super-saturated colours that look almost neon. If you have a very creative mother, this might be the flower for you.

These flowers are outgoing and have a very graceful silhouette. They are the epitome of friendliness as well.

In pairings, gerberas work well with bouvardia, snapdragons, ranunculus, and small roses.


Orchids are usually a sophisticated flower, but Mother’s Day is an opportunity to bring out their fun side. These bright beauties are great all by themselves in unique shades. You can also pair them with broad foliage and other exotics that have a different type of petal. Something softly curved is best, like an oversized aster or calla lily.

Above all, get help from experts florists in Newcastle to make your Mother’s Day bouquet memorable. Capture a bit of your mum’s gorgeous personality. If you are unsure of the bouquets you see or you can’t seem to find the right flower, carnations in a colour she loves are a great standby.

So, as your mum deserves to be treated to something rather beautiful and special, and you know she’d just absolutely adore a bouquet of perfect flowers this Mother’s Day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Either visit the website, email info@ketherinesflorists.co.uk , call 0191 261 6000 or visit us in person in our lovely store.

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