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Getting Summer Ready with Flowers

Posted on 1st July 2022

The summer paves the way for music festivals, al fresco dining, drinks in the garden, light nights, countryside picnics, warm weather and seasonal summer flowers in full bloom.

With so many things to do, summer is undoubtedly the season that most people eagerly look forward to.

If you ask our florists in Newcastle, summer is also about flowers. There’s nothing like a beautiful bouquet of flowers to ring in the summer with.

Here’s a look at some of the best summer flowers in Newcastle.


Dahlias are beautiful blooms that stand out in any floral arrangement. Their bright, vivid colour makes them the perfect summer flowers.

Dahlias stand for love, elegance and inner strength, which means they are a perfect option for wedding bouquets too.

Dahlias are available in a range of colours, from sunshine yellows and vibrant oranges to vibrant pinks and stunning reds.


Sunflowers can instantly cheer you up even on a gloomy, dull day. With their vivid yellow petals and large blooms, sunflowers look beautiful in a vase.

Known to follow the sun all through the day, sunflowers are also known as happy flowers. These beautiful flowers have inspired some of the greatest artists including Van Ghogh, who has made five masterpieces inspired by them.


Roses are extremely popular all year round but come early summer and they are in their prime. Roses symbolise love and romance but roses of different colours have different meanings.

White roses signify virtue and innocence, which makes them a great option for a bridal bouquet. Yellow roses symbolise friendship, making them a great option to gift to a friend.

Tangerine roses are a great option when you want to cheer someone up. And pink roses are an excellent way to convey your gratitude to someone.


These peculiar-looking flowers look spectacular whether you are putting them in a vase or sending a summer bouquet. Available in vibrant hues of yellow, pink and red, these flowers thrive in the warm summer months.

The flowers of the snapdragon are shaped like snouts and when you squeeze them gently, they open up to represent a dragon’s mouth.

Snapdragons are known to stand for deception, primarily because they used to be the flower of choice to send to mistresses. However, today these flowers stand for strength and are a great option to send to someone going through a rough phase in life.

Gerebera Daisy

If you are looking for flowers for a happy occasion, look no further than gerbera daisies.

These flowers are bigger than typical daisies and feature a bold centre, surrounded by delicate petals. You will instantly recognise a gerbera in a floral arrangement as they are included to add a dash of colour in spring and summer bouquets.

Buy Summer Flowers in Newcastle

If you are looking for the best summer flowers and flower bouquets Newcastle, look no further than Katherine’s Florists.

We are Newcastle’s most trusted florists who have been making stunning floral arrangements for every occasion and celebration. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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