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Guide to Funeral Flowers

Posted on 2nd June 2021

A funeral is always a hard time. You need to find the right words to express your condolence and eulogise the loved one or friend. You also need to choose appropriate flowers and flower arrangements to express your feelings in the right manner. Here is a guide to choosing the right flowers for a funeral.

Popular Flowers for Funerals

You can choose flowers such as white lily, gladioli, carnations, chrysanthemums and roses. You can also look at peace lily that represents peace, harmony and purity or opt for pink and white orchids that are associated with mourning and eternal love.

Hydrangea plants are among common gifts of thanks during a bereavement. Daffodils and tulips can also be considered apt for funeral flowers.

Flower Arrangements for Funerals

Choosing the flowers is the first step. You need to get the flower arrangement right to conform to traditions and convey the right meaning.

Casket Teardrop and Standing Sprays

A generous selection of flowers such as carnations and germini arranged in a traditional teardrop spray is usually the first choice for casket sprays. Flowers such as lily, rose, iris can also be considered. Foliage and smaller flowers along with white gypsophila complete the floral tribute.

Standing sprays are displayed on an easel near the casket and are usually sent directly to the church or funeral home. They usually measure between 1 and 3 feet.

Letter Tributes

Bespoke floral creations for family letter tributes or individual names can be arranged for funerals. Roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, freesia are choices for letter tributes.

Bespoke Shapes

Sometimes a favourite toy or shape can complement the feeling you want to convey at a funeral. You can choose bespoke flower shapes such as a Teddy Bear, an angel, star, jelly baby, rabbit tribute and other cute designs.

Hearts, Crosses and Wreaths

You can go the traditional way with flower arrangements for funeral caskets and remembrances. Flower crosses, wreaths, hearts and posies can be used for adorning caskets. Pastel colours such as pink, white, lilac and flowers such as roses and lilac are good for these flower shapes.

Flower Baskets and Flowers in Cellophane

Flower baskets as well as flowers wrapped in cellophane are considered appropriate tributes at a funeral. Yellow and white chrysanthemums, spray carnations, roses can be the right choice here.

Children’s Flowers

It is a devastating time for a parent who has lost their child. Flower arrangements for such funerals usually are tributes to the hobbies or favourites of the deceased child.

Saying it with Flowers

Flowers can convey your deepest emotions like nothing else can. The right choice of flowers can become a noticeable feature. It is therefore imperative to choose funeral flowers carefully.

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