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Hay Fever Friendly Flowers

Posted on 24th September 2019

Almost everybody welcomes the onset of spring as the earth appears to receive a fresh lease of life with flowers blooming everywhere. But for those suffering from hay fever, springtime can be awful as some flowers can aggravate the symptoms.

If you are looking to send flowers to someone with an allergy, there are several hay-fever friendly flowers you can consider. As reputed florists in North East, we specialise in hay friendly flowers. Our team can help you choose the right colour and flower for every occasion and celebration. Here are some excellent options for hay fever friendly flowers.


Gladiolus or ‘Sword Lily’ is an immensely gorgeous perennial flower with tall spikes of bloom. Available in a range of elegant colours, Gladiolus finds widespread use in burial and funeral services, important anniversaries and birthday celebrations.

Being extremely colourful, Gladioluses attract butterflies and bees that carry the pollen from one flower to another. Pollination by bees prevents Gladiolus pollens from getting dispersed in the air, thereby reducing chances of an allergic reaction.


Commonly known as cranesbills, geranium comprises of more than 400 species of perennial, biennials, and annual plants. Geraniums come in a wide range of hues including but not limited to magenta, pink, and radiant blue. These flowers are best suited for a rock garden as they help cover up gaps or spaces.

And yes, geraniums are hay fever friendly.


Hydrangeas are extremely beautiful, available in different colours and ideal for those who have an allergy. Pollinated by insects, Hydrangeas are perfectly safe for those who endure hay fever symptoms all through the spring.


The Snapdragon is an immensely eye-catching and striking flower that can help keep the runny nose and sneezes at bay. The buds of Snapdragon remain compact and firmly closed that checks pollen dispersal, thereby making the flower safe for those with allergies.

Snapdragons in almost every colour bloom abundantly all through the winter, and become conspicuous during the fall or spring. Blossoming from the base of the main stem, snapdragons go all the way to the top. The flowers will continue to bloom for months provided you water them regularly.


Azalea is another bright and colourful flower that blossoms copiously during spring. Hay fever friendly azalea flowers bloom in a range of tints including white, yellow, purple, pink, and red.


People with hay fever will be delighted to learn that peonies having smooth and crispy flower heads are safe for them. Peonies bloom profusely during the summer and are available in a riot of colours. Bees are attracted to peonies because of their brightly coloured petals and help in pollinating the flowers.

The denseness and the stickiness of the pollens of peonies prevent their dispersion by the wind. In case you have hay fever, refrain from sniffing the flowers or rubbing your nose on them or you could have an allergy attack.

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