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How to Decorate Your House for Christmas?

Posted on 17th December 2019

Christmas is around the corner, and everyone will be in the Christmas spirit. You are probably feeling unprepared for the festive season. But there is plenty of time to transform your home into a wonderland with floral bouquets from our flower shops in Newcastle and Gosforth. Here are some great ways to decorate your home to usher in the festive season in style.

Start By Choosing Christmas Colour Schemes

Choosing the right colour scheme and perfect finishing for the festive period can be difficult. Do you want all the rooms to evoke the festive spirit?

There are different flower and paint options to choose from. Red, green, gold and silver are the classic colour choices for Christmas decorations but things have changed significantly. You can now paint your rooms with glossy colour options and order flowers that blend well with your preferred colour scheme.

Pick a Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is one of the main attractions of any festive interior décor. You should make it the first port of call by ensuring it grabs attention and demonstrates your sense of style. Whether you choose a real or artificial Christmas tree, make sure it has a rustic feel that makes it a central point of focus in your home.

Once you set up the Christmas tree, it is time to decorate it

Introduce a few flowers and coordinate the colours with the dominant shade in the room. This is a tactical way to make the Christmas tree become part of your living room rather than appear independent or temporary.

You can find excellent roses,   sparkly butterflies and leaves if you love natural themes. Regardless of how beautiful your Christmas tree is, don’t forget to decorate the other parts of the house as well.

Select Floral Decorations

Flowers have a unique way of enhancing the happiest moments in life. You can embrace the festive period with some of our best Christmas flowers in Newcastle. Most people traditionally decorated their homes with poinsettias, mistletoe, ivy and holly during the Christmas season.

The tradition goes back to ancient times when flowers were believed to have magical powers. Even though that belief has gradually changed over time, flowers still have the power to transform your home into a festive treat.

Christmas Flower Options Available

The culture of decorating homes with flowers is evergreen. Flowers were customarily arranged in arty containers, woven into gift baskets or tactfully crafted into garlands. Here at Katherine’s Florists, we still do the same today with additional care, skills and experience.

Along with the traditional flowers, we have a wide range of modern options including white roses, white lisianthus, striking scarlet flowers, luxury red amaryllis, elegant red roses with gold eucalyptus and more.

You can always find colourful blooms for your window, patio, table and other possible areas to share the joy of Christmas with your loved ones.

Why You Should Order From Us

Katherine’s Florists is a household name in the flower industry. We are reputable florists in Newcastle committed to offering the best bouquets for every occasion. We offer the complete range of festive flowers arranged by skilled stylists. If you need Christmas flowers, you can place your order with us now.

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