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Introducing Spring Flowers

Posted on 18th February 2021

The season of spring is undoubtedly the best time of the year. Signifying a change from the cold weather, nature is truly at its best with the loveliest of flowers everywhere. Fresh flowers can add that special touch to your home, workplace and for gifting and bring some good cheer to everyone around you. For the best collection of flowers in Newcastle or anywhere else in the UK, connect with us at Katherine’s Florists.

Spring flowers are truly special. They are the most colourful, fragrant and varied in terms of shape and sizes. Here is our guide to some of the best spring flowers and why you should order them today.


You know spring has arrived when you see tulips. Available in a kaleidoscope of colours, tulips are unmatched when it comes to floral bouquets for your loved ones. Perfect, pretty and delicate, tulips are meant to spread the cheer that spring brings along. Team them up with a few stems of limonium and foliage and you have the perfect bouquet for any occasion.


Hyacinths are beautiful flowers with a wonderful fragrance. The pretty little flower bunches are almost a delight and make for a very creative visual display when brought together. Delicate colour shades such as cream, pure white, light blue and heavy colours such as dark blue, pink and others make hyacinths a must-have in every home and workplace.


Spring brings beautiful days, Valentine’s Day included. And when you need flowers for the occasion, roses are your best bet. With myriad colours to choose from, a bouquet of beautiful red, yellow, pink or white roses can make your day. You can also get a designer bouquet that includes many colours at the same time. Add a touch of green and some little flowers and you have a winner.


Want a touch of innocence and trust in your bouquet? Team up your roses with the delicate freesia and you can say it all with your bouquet. Freesia are delicate flowers that are a spring favourite. Colourful, fragrant and pretty, freesia make for stylish additions to any flower décor. Check out these flowers at our flower shop in Newcastle or online.

Flowers and More Flowers

Irises, lilacs, peonies, primroses – the list just goes on when it comes to spring flowers. Flowers make great gifts any day and they are suitable for most occasions too.

Book Your Floral Gift Today!

At Katherine’s Florists, our expert designers are here to make your day brighter with our floral bouquets and more. Whether you want it for home or office décor or think of gifting to someone special, we have what it takes.

And it is not just spring flowers that we specialise in. No matter the occasion or celebration, we can deliver a stunning floral arrangement. We are your trusted florists in Newcastle. Browse through our designs online or talk to our staff if you have any unique concept in mind. We are just as excited to assist you.

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