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Pantone Colour 2020: Classic Blue – How To Incorporate It Into Your Flowers

Posted on 20th February 2020

Every year, Pantone brings the world its latest “colour of the year”. Using the colour is a celebration of sorts in floral and interior design. Pantone inspires a lot of people with their colour choices each season. Our florists in Newcastle & Gosforth are all very excited to pick up the trend.

Classic blue is calm and centred. There are not a lot of blue flowers in nature, but we don’t let that stop us from creating absolutely stunning pieces! Bouquets don’t need to be solid blue to celebrate the colour.

Here are some ways to incorporate classic blue into your bouquets.

Anchor with Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are one of the few truly blue flowers. They are rock solid on their own or in a bouquet. Use them for everything from wedding bouquets to table top.

Hydrangeas have a wonderful scent as well as being stunning. They are a larger, globe-like flower. The stems are on the shorter side, so you’ll want to keep height in mind when designing a bouquet.

Add a Pop of Colour With Iris

The small type of iris that are used in floral arrangements (as opposed to the huge garden type) is an intense blue. This is a great bouquet anchor. Lightly or heavily use them in a mixed bouquet. They have longs stems and pair well with lighter-coloured carnations as well as alstroemeria and pale roses.

Our flower shop in Gosforth & Newcastle will offer a selection of irises, so feel free to be creative with this balanced colour scheme anchored in iris!

Stun with Hyacinths

If there is a flower that can take the cake all by itself, it is a hyacinth. These tower-shaped beauties are another intensely-coloured type. They tend to be a bit less electric than iris, but they are still an incredibly pure blue. Use them forced, bunched together in a geometric vase, or in arrangements.

They pair well with lilies and all kinds of greenery. Try to showcase them next to open-centre types of flowers for contrast.

Sprinkle with Other Flowers

Some other renowned blue flowers are smaller, so sprinkle them around a bouquet with roses or lilies. Try cornflower, love-in-a-mist, Lily of the Nile, sweet pea, scabiosa, globe thistle, and salvia for a gentle and warm look. These flowers are delightful up close and add a touch of whimsy to any bouquet.

Flowers really are getting a makeover with touches of rainbow and looser arrangements this year. Be on the lookout for something new and intriguing!

So, if you’ve got a loved one in your life, or are just looking to spruce up your home before Spring arrives, now is the perfect time to explore the colour of Classic Blue in your flowers. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, by either visiting the website, emailing info@ketherinesflorists.co.uk , calling 0191 261 6000 or visiting us in person in our lovely store.

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