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The Best Autumn Flowers for your Home

Posted on 28th September 2022

As the summer transitions into autumn, the floral hues begin to change to a lavish palette full of beautiful textures. The autumn season offers an array of exciting flowers to decorate your home. Many of those flowers can be dried and even mixed with foliage as well as seed heads to create stunning arrangements that can last for several months.

In this post, we look at some of the best autumn flowers for your home.


Dahlias trace their roots to Mexico and are a popular autumnal flower across the UK. Dahlias are available in a range of colours including red, yellow, pink, white and more. These colourful flowers make for a beautiful display inside the home.

Place a vase full of dahlias in the living room to create an inviting space or add them to the dining table to add a touch of warmth to the space.


Abundantly grown in Japan and China, Chrysanthemums are one of the oldest floral species. These beautiful blooms are available in a riot of colours including classic autumnal shades of yellow, white and red.

Chrysanthemums stand for health, happiness and friendship and are a popular choice for floral arrangements of all kinds. Chrysanthemums are the birth month flower of those born in November, which means that a bouquet of chrysanthemums is an ideal birthday gift to get in autumn.


Begonias are another excellent autumnal flower to decorate your home. They will add a dash of bright shade to your living space and look excellent when you add them in small vases or bottles.

If you are looking for something special, then choose the “Fragrant Falls” variety, which smells fabulous. Add them in a vase and place them in the foyer to greet visitors with beautiful fragrance as they enter or leave your home.


Nothing speaks autumn better than marigold. With its bright yellow-orange shade, marigold is the epitome of autumn and is a perfect fit for a Halloween display.

This pretty bloom also has ties to Mexico’s Day of the Dead, another spooky festival. The petals of Marigold are peppered in graveyards and ofrendas to create a path for the spirits to head back home and enjoy their offerings.

The marigold originated in Mexico and is the birth month flower for those born in October. What’s more, these blooms offer a beautiful scent, making them an excellent choice for an autumnal gift or home d├ęcor.


Anemones are tall, elegant flowers that look pretty in small bouquets. Their slender stems are typically topped with white flowers but they are also available in shades of lilac, pink, cream and purple.

Anemones are also known as windflowers, which aptly describes the way the petals dance in the breeze. Anemones look stunning in autumnal arrangements.

Autumn Flowers in Newcastle

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