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The Most Popular Easter Flowers for Gifting

Posted on 23rd February 2022

There’s more to Easter than candy and Easter bunny. Easter is about rebirth, joy, hope and new beginnings. And what better way to celebrate Easter than with flowers. Easter holiday rings in the Spring season and you can choose from a range of spring flowers to give as gift.

Here are some of the top Easter flowers to consider for delivery in Newcastle.

Easter Lily

Named after the holiday, this is one of the top options for Easter gifting. This beautiful lily is extremely popular in Churches and Easter celebrations. These white, trumpet-like flowers symbolise resurrection and purity.


This is another spring staple. You cannot stop falling in love with these vibrant blooms. No wonder they are a popular choice during Easter. Their simple leaves, long stems and rounded shape go well with other flowers if you are planning for a unique bouquet.

Although tulips are available in a riot of colours, yellow tips are our favourite as they stand for joy and their bright glow delivers on that promise.


Available in a wide range of colours including pinks, blues and whites, hydrangeas are another popular Easter flowers in Newcastle. These flowers symbolise understanding and gratitude and make for an excellent Easter gift.


You can never go wrong with daffodils. They are the harbinger of spring and a classic spring flower. When these bright, beautiful flowers begin to bloom, you know warmer days are ahead of us. Daffodils signify new beginnings and are an excellent choice for Easter gifting. Moreover, because they bloom around Easter, they have come to symbolise holidays too.


Daisies signify hope, purity, serenity and innocence. They are a popular spring bloom and a common sight in Easter celebrations. Delicate and colourful, daisies make for excellent accent flowers in a bouquet as well as a centerpiece in spring arrangements.


Carnations are a great option when you want something special for a special celebration. If you ask our florists in Newcastle, carnations make for an excellent gift to give during Easter celebrations. Frilly, colourful and attractive, these blooms will convey your joyful expressions to perfections.


Hyacinths exude a fragrance unlike any other and they stand out even when bunched with other flowers. That’s just one of its many exciting features. These small blooms look like miniature lillies. Although purple, lavender and pink hyacinths are extremely popular, yellow and red hyacinths are an excellent accent option too.


This flower typically blooms when winter is coming to an end and springtime begins. Owing to that, this perennial flower is known by many other names like Christmas rose, winter rose and Lenten rose.

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