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The Most Popular Flowers for Spring!

Posted on 24th March 2020

Our florists in Newcastle & Gosforth have been eagerly awaiting spring. Now that it’s sprung, we can show you the wonderful bouquets we have put together for your enjoyment! This year, we are looking at strong pastel and ombre trends with a few brights thrown into the mix. Our Beautiful Spring Basket embodies the trend well.

What Colours Look Best?

Flower shops across Newcastle have a huge variety on offer when it comes to spring flowers. Some of the all-time favourites are tulips, iris, freesia, forsythia, primrose, roses, peonies, daffodils and hyacinths. Tulips especially come in a multitude of colours.

This year, there is a strong trend toward pastels, but there are a few bright pinks and yellows popping through. A very few bold blues and purples complete the mix. The colours that blend well in this scheme are toned-down watercolours in the regular spectrum. Blush pinks, icy purples and soft butter yellows play nice with the brighter pops of colour throughout mixed bouquets.

It’s a good idea to mix colours that make a statement within the decor scheme where they will be delivered. Everyone has their own tastes. The important thing is that the bouquet looks good where it will sit considering the upholstery, wall colour and window treatments.

How Long Do They Last?

Luckily, these types of flowers usually last at least a week. Putting plant food in the water will help them stay bright for the whole time. Flowers can last a few days longer if you change the water regularly. For delicate flowers, some people change the water every day.

Consider the temperature of the water when you fill the vase. If you plunge the flowers into icy water or water that is too warm, they may not last as long. Room temperature is always best.

What Occasions Require Flowers?

Mother’s Day is always an occasion for flowers, but people like to send flowers on May Day, the first day of spring and sometimes just weekly to help usher in the season. Sunday tea is always a good reason for flowers, even if there’s no birthday or holiday!

In the spring you will find that dates need a few extra flowers to perk up from the winter blues. These are always good occasions for flowers. Go simple for lower-key lunches and try roses or mixed bouquets for more important dates.

Of course, weddings are big in the spring. Take a look at our white or pale blush bouquets for these occasions. We have several options in white and lighter colors on the more formal side. Our Scented Bespoke Spring Hand-Tied or any of our roses with eucalyptus are great options for a wedding.

In Conclusion

So, if you’ve got a loved one in your life, or are just looking to spruce up your home for Spring, now is the perfect time to explore our stunningly beautiful range of flowers. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, by either visiting the website, emailing info@katherinesflorists.co.uk , calling 0191 261 6000 or visiting us in person in our lovely store.

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