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The Most Popular Flowers to Give as Gifts in the Summer

Posted on 2nd September 2022

Summer is here and so are a variety of beautiful, vibrant flowers to brighten up our surroundings. If you are looking for the best gift ideas, there’s nothing better than summer blooms.

If you are searching for the best summer flowers in Newcastle, get in touch with Katherine’s Florists today. We can put together a bright and beautiful arrangement from the best summer flowers.

Let’s look at some of the best flowers to give as gifts in the summer months.


Lilies are extremely popular summer flowers. Available in a range of styles and colours including pink, purple, white and cream, lilies not only look beautiful in a vase but they exude a beautiful scent that will not truly enliven any space.


Peonies are a popular and beautiful flower to gift on any occasion in the summer. Each flower is packed with petals and a flower arrangement full of peonies is sure to look stunning.

Peonies are known to signify “beauty in all forms“. Available in a range of colours like pink, white, yellow and raspberry, they will brighten up the recipient’s day. Peonies not only look beautiful but they also have a beautiful fragrance.


Sunflowers can brighten up any room and cheer up anyone. One look at a bunch of these bright flowers and you can’t stay gloomy for long. That’s how stunning these vibrant yellow flowers are. Known for their large blooms, sunflowers are known to follow the sun through the day.

Owing to their association with the sun, sunflowers are known as happy flowers and symbolise adoration and loyalty, making for a perfect gift for a friend.


Hydrangea is the perfect gifting option when you want to lift someone’s spirits or bring joy. With their fairly large balls of petals, these flowers stand for the fun and frolic of summer. Place a few stems of hydrangeas in a vase and you will instantly get a holiday feel.

Hydrangeas stand for grace, gratitude and beauty. These blooms also radiate abundance because of their round shape and the numerous petals on each stem. Hydrangeas signify harmony, love and peace and are an ideal present for weddings and birthdays.


If you are searching for the best summer flowers in Newcastle, look no further than dahlias.

This beautiful flower stands out in any flower bouquet. This stunning summer flower is an excellent choice no matter the occasion and can be featured exclusively with green foliage for the backdrop.

These pom pom like blooms are available in a range of colours including red, pink, yellow, orange and more.


A native of South Africa, the gerebera daisy is a class apart. This daisy is a strong perennial that’s available in some stunning colours including yellow, white, cream and peach. Gereberas signify happiness what with their round shape and delicate petals.

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