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The Most Popular Wedding Flowers – Which Ones Should You Choose?

Posted on 16th July 2020

As the leading flower shop in Gosforth & Newcastle, Katherine’s carries a stunning collection of classic favourites for your big day. We have a wedding collection of large roses in white and pink. Our set comes with a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets and groomsmen’s buttonholes.

How do you know which flowers to choose? Here are a few favourites to look at before you decide.


Roses are an all-time favourite. They are dramatic, romantic and come in many colours. These can be a centrepiece in a bouquet. Or you can use a cluster of one kind as a single arrangement. Roses look beautiful either way. There are many sizes to choose from.


Tulips range in size and drama. There are simple smaller spring tulips that will not break the bank. But you can work your way up to an expensive bouquet using long-stem or rare parrot types. The look ranges from cute to jaw-dropping drama. It’s your choice!

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are a favourite with florists in Gosforth & Newcastle. These flowers come in white and pale shades very often. But there are also gem tones and some brighter colours. They are sophisticated and have a quieter demeanour than some of the other flower types.

These look excellent in mixed bouquets or on their own.


Hydrangeas are a show-stopper by themselves. Available in mostly blue or purple tones with a few whites sprinkled in the mix, these flowers are usually large. They don’t need very much accessorising or accent greenery, although it is certainly an option.

Hydrangeas give off a cheerful and buoyant vibe. They are perfect for that couple that is always smiling.

Lily of the Valley

This incredible white flower looks innocent. It is perfect for a young couple just starting out. It’s a wonderful white colour that looks a bit antique. This petite flower is good for shorter brides who might be overwhelmed by a large bouquet.


Dramatic peonies are a greatly loved flower. They come in single and double types. The heavy ruffling of the doubles makes it a popular choice for very romantic couples. These flowers come in various shades of pink or white.

They look stunning arranged by themselves, but they are also a fabulous bouquet anchor. The stems are shorter, so be aware that the bouquet size is slightly limited when you use this flower.


Ranunculus are a whimsical and charming flower. They come in many pastels as well as brighter shades. There are a few gem tones on the burgundy or black side with this flower. These are smaller flowers, but they pack a lot of punch.

They are excellent for a couple with lots of humour when the bright colours are used. They also make great buttonholes. The white and pale versions are classics in mixed romantic bouquets.


This charming white flower is great in round bouquets. Choose it for a classic dress and a traditional couple. This is a very middle white. It’s not an antique white, but it’s not quite as pale as a white orchid or a peony either.

This flower really makes a statement by itself. You can mix it in bouquets, but it’s worth a look on its own.

Show Your Personality

Flowers at weddings are all about your personality as a couple. The designs can range from small and charming to romantic and traditional. Make a statement with colours that work with the dress that makes you feel best and decor that will keep a party going.

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