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Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Posted on 16th July 2020

Florists in Newcastle & Gosforth are your resource for wedding flowers on any budget. Katherine’s carries flowers for many budgets, but we have a special offering of wedding roses this year that is sure to please.

Whether you’ve got a ton of guests or a few, our floral specialists can help create the look you have in mind. Here are our top tips for getting the look you want without breaking the bank.

Have a Budget

The first trick to sticking to a budget is having it memorised. It’s very easy to lose sight of a vague budget if you haven’t spent some time on it. Try to be detailed. If you can, prioritise what you want and how much you are willing to spend.

For example, are you totally set on a certain type of flower? Realise the cost for the season. Maybe a mix of the smaller ones would suffice.

Some people try to work with a tiny budget by doing the flowers themselves. This is usually more expensive, because they become frazzled and have to pay for last-minute flowers.

Making a solid plan in advance is most often cheaper.

Use the Season for Inspiration

The designers at our flower shop in Gosforth & Newcastle can help you work with what’s in season. Flowers that are in season are much cheaper than ones that are out of season. This is one of the largest cost-saving measures you can take.

Your flowers are sure to delight when they look seasonal. So don’t be afraid to use all seasonal flowers where you can.

Trim the Guest List

One of the other ways to save big on flowers is by setting fewer table flowers. This can be tough, but if it means the difference between quality decor and sparse decor, it might be a necessity.

Your guests will appreciate the centrepieces, so don’t be afraid to trim the list till your budget matches your design needs.

Choose Your Flowers Carefully

Keep a good balance between filler and showstoppers. Most people spend about 10% of their budget on flowers. Make sure that you don’t spend too much on one bouquet.

A savvy way to build bouquets is to plan them according to how much filler they will need. If you want to put a ton of different flowers together, you can. But realise that it might be more expensive because you will actually need double the stems. The rest will be filler.

If you’re on a budget, choose fewer peonies and roses. Opt for more greenery, lily of the valley, and ranunculus.

Don’t Be Afraid of Compromise

You don’t have to worry about checking every box on your list of floral dreams. It’s very tempting to do so, but sometimes a budget-savvy compromise will still make for a beautiful wedding.

For example, you might sprinkle rose petals on the cake instead of festooning it with blooms.

Enjoy the Day

The flowers should go well with your dress and the rest of the decor. But the day is really about your love for each other. Worry less about going overboard with your flowers. Focus on creating a memorable ceremony that looks beautiful. Simple is always a great way to save!

At Katherine’s, we can help you find the perfect flowers for your wedding. Contact us today to discuss your ideas!

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