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Your Guide to Summer Flowers

Posted on 21st July 2021

Summers bring about that awesome change in weather and mood that you always look forward to. And why shouldn’t you be so upbeat about summers? The beautiful summer flowers can brighten up your garden as well as your centre table. Talk about events and summer weddings and the bounty of flowers you can imagine only increases. Here is our guide to the best of summer flowers.


Think summer gardens full of pretty flowers and you cannot miss the well-drained perennial delphiniums. These gorgeous flowers come in shades of blue, purple, pink and white. These flowers are easy to grow and therefore, naturally, they are a favourite of many gardeners.


Peonies are perennial plants though they have a short flowering season. They are beautiful flowers that look resplendent when they grow to their full size. You can get peonies in Newcastle in colours of your choice – from delicate pink to elegant burgundy.

Peonies usually grow in a bushy clump. They require very less maintenance but do not like being disturbed. They need direct sunlight but must be protected from strong winds.


Hydrangeas are popular summer flowering shrubs. These flowers come in a variety of colours and make elegant bouquets. They are also a popular choice for weddings and gifts.

Hydrangeas grow well when the soil is well-drained and there is no direct sunlight. They need protection against diseases such as mildew and spots that affect them.


Always a popular choice to express your feelings, roses add elegance to any floral arrangement. Even a simple bouquet of roses can say a lot! Beautiful colours, lingering scents and the perfect display of charm and class, roses are your best bet when it comes to summer flowers.

Rose plants can be planted at the end of spring. They need plenty of sunshine and lots of space for growing. They can grow in any type of soil but must not be planted in locations where there is too much wind.


Fragrant lavenders make for wonderful bouquets. They are bright summer flowers that grow well in dry and well-drained soil and the bright sun. lavender plants need very little maintenance. They come in a variety of fresh summer colours and you can easily combine these flowers with other summer blossoms to create the perfect bouquets and floral pieces.

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