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How to Decorate Your House for Christmas?

Christmas is around the corner, and everyone will be in the Christmas spirit. You are probably feeling unprepared for the […]

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Autumnal Flowers – Our Range Explored

Autumn is a welcome change after a gruelling summer. Along with the change in the weather, it brings some of […]

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4 Things We Love About Autumn

Most people wait for the arrival of Autumn, and for good reasons. The weather feels pleasant with warm days and […]

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Hay Fever Friendly Flowers

Almost everybody welcomes the onset of spring as the earth appears to receive a fresh lease of life with flowers […]

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Can Peonies Make the Perfect Wedding Flower?

When you think of the perfect wedding flower, roses, daisies, and gardenia come to your mind instinctively. However, peonies are […]

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Flowers for Graduation – the Perfect Gift

Flowers are as splendid as any other gift to convey your love and appreciation for a loved one who is […]

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Heavenly Hydrangeas to make your day

    We’re absolutely in love with Hydrangeas at the moment, and it seems like we’re not the only ones, […]

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Wedding Inspiration for your first florist consultation

Firstly we’d love to give everyone a warm welcome to the new Katherine’s Florists blog. Here at Katherine’s Florists we […]

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